Lois has been working with me for my exams and cleanings for years. She is so gentle and is great at her job. She makes recommendations for my dental health. Dr. Pyke and Lynn were amazing fixing a filling that had fallen out. Quick and it matches the tooth beautifully. Highly recommend everyone at that office. Char who works at the front desk is great working with your insurance company!

Christine Cowen

Dr. John Pyke and his staff consistently provide an amazing patient experience. From a warm & welcome greeting to the best in dental care. I highly recommend Dr. Pyke and his staff if your seeking excellent dental care and the friendliest, most caring staff in the area!

Kurt Raicevich

Dr. Pyke and his staff always provide excellent care. The entire staff make the experience in the office welcoming and professional. My hygienist, Lois, is very thorough and caring. She does excellent work at the same time makes my time in her office comfortable and pleasant. I have been a patient for over 10 years and I can’t thank Dr.Pyke enough for all of the care he has provided to me.

Bill Turner

I’ve been going to Dr, Pyke for over 20 years. My teeth and gums are in great shape. I’m 76 years old! Very professional and immaculately clean office, they are very efficient and thorough. I trust Dr. Pyke and his team 100% with my dental care.

Linda Albert

Dr. Pyke and Staff provide excellent dental care. Since I currently live in Chicago, they are excellent scheduling appointments for my husband and me that are convenient to our schedules. Staff are on time, and Dr. Pyke provides thorough follow-ups and great suggestions for maintaining oral health. Great experience overall!

MaryAnn Janosik

Staff is welcoming and very qualified. The practice is always prompt, yet never feels rushed. They listen to any concerns, address them directly , and have great follow up. Dr. Pyke is an excellent dentist, knows dentistry, your history, and always follows up on any old and new concerns. Service is great, and it always feels as though you are in partnership with the staff, which you are!

Mary Ellen Ewers-pena

You will not find a better dentist, support staff or office than with Dr. Pyke. The cleanliness, courtesy, and professionalism are incredible and the ability to make procedures pain free eliminated for me the anxiety of seeing a dentist. Bottom line, you would be crazy not so seek out Dr Pyke for any and all dental work. He is the BEST!!!

Joel Schmidt

Dr Pyke and the entire staff are amazing. I've been going there for a couple of years now and haven't had a negative experience. I recently came in for a checkup and one of my fillings came out. They got me in a couple of hours later and fixed it.


After a couple of my dentists retired, it was hard to find someone close by and in network. Found Dr. Pyke and could not be happier after my first visit. Rose was a great hygienist and Dr. Pyke seemed very knowledgeable. I would recommend.

stacy sutter

Dr. Pyke and his whole team provide the best care I have ever experienced. Referral to specialists are always to top notch Doctors. Ever wonder where Dentists go for care? Probably here.

Eric Hansen

HUGE THANKS to Dr. Pyke and the amazingly talented staff he has chosen to care for patients in need of professional dental care! A caring, compassionate receptionist answered my plea for emergency care with a prompt appointment during which my problem was resolved by Dr. Pyke and his assistant, who immediately put me at ease throughout preparations to resolve my dilemma.

Irene Madasz

Everyone at Dr. Pyke's office was kind and welcoming. Great staff. Lois was friendly as always. She does a great job. Front desk people work hard and are knowledgeable and very friendly and professional.


I recently had the pleasure of visiting John Pyke Dentistry for a new patient orientation and a cleaning, and I must say that the experience exceeded my expectations. From the moment I walked in, it was clear that this dental practice is dedicated to providing excellent care and ensuring their patients feel comfortable.

My appointment began with a comprehensive tour of the office, which immediately put me at ease. It's always reassuring to have a sense of your surroundings when visiting a new dentist. The staff was friendly and approachable, which helped alleviate any anxiety I might have had.

The first step in my appointment was a full x-ray, ensuring that the dental team had a complete understanding of my oral health. This attention to detail set a positive tone for the rest of the visit.

The cleaning itself was a standout experience. The dental hygienist was not only skilled and professional but also exceptionally gentle and kind. Their thoroughness and care during the cleaning left me feeling confident in the quality of their work.

Dr. John Pyke conducted a thorough examination after the cleaning and made a significant discovery - I was grinding my teeth, a habit that I hadn't even realized I had. Dr. Pyke's expertise and keen observation were truly impressive. He discussed the issue with me in a clear and friendly manner, ensuring I understood the importance of addressing teeth grinding.

To address this concern, the team at John Pyke Dentistry went the extra mile by taking a full 3D image of my teeth. This innovative approach not only provided a comprehensive understanding of the issue but also ensured that I would receive the most appropriate treatment. The proactive approach to monitoring teeth grinding between six-month visits to assess the need for a bite block was a testament to their commitment to patients' well-being.

Overall, my experience at John Pyke Dentistry was nothing short of fantastic. The professionalism, kindness, and expertise of the entire team left a lasting impression. I wholeheartedly recommend John Pyke Dentistry to anyone seeking a dental practice that goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care and ensure the overall health of your teeth. I look forward to my next visit with confidence and gratitude for having found such an outstanding dental provider.

Jeremy Alexander

I had a very thorough cleaning and assessment by the dental hygienist and Dr Pyke. Everyone in the office is exceedingly nice and very professional. I highly recommend them for your dental needs.

Sue Stipek

This was my first appointment and it was a great experience. The process was very well outlined and executed. This in combination with good explanations of what is going on with your dental situation in combination with sound advice instills great confidence. Looking forward to the rest of the family to have their first visits and I am actually looking forward to my next visit.

Chris van Raalten

Dr. John Pyke and his staff are amazing! They are very courteous and caring! I have been a patient for about 9 months and feel so fortunate to have found John Pyke Dentistry. Dr. Pyke's skill and attention to detail are unparalleled. My dental needs have been thoroughly addressed with 100 percent satisfaction. The office is very relaxing and every point of contact from the moment you arrive is always positive and welcoming!

Kaye Tilton

I enjoy going to Dr. Pyke's office. The entire staff makes you feel very comfortable. The service is on-time and friendly yet professional. I highly recommend Dr. Pyke's office for your dental care.

Debbie Welsh

Dr. Pyke is an excellent dentist who makes sure that everything is done right. The same can be said of his dental assistants. He and his staff are friendly and caring.

Judith Marshall

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